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Dog Fence Ontario has been in Niagara and London since 2008 and has satisfied customers across southwestern Ontario.
We provide peace of mind to new pet owners, vets, and DIY folks upgrading to a fully installed, customizable solutions.

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GentleSteps™ Training

We’re confident that Pet Stop® Products, paired with GentleSteps™ training, create the best pet containment system available today! We work with our customers to make sure you truly understand the technology and your pet understands their safe boundaries.

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Along with New Installations, we also offer the following services.

We can find and repair any wire break you may have. We service Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, Innoteck®, Dog Guard®, Petsafe® and even the Do-it yourself brands. Our technicians are hands-down the best at finding even the most difficult wire breaks. We use only silicone splice connectors insuring your repair will be completely water proof and will last for years to come.

Along with providing Pet Stop® products, we provide replacement Invisible Fence™, DogWatch™, Dog Guard™, and Petsafe™ brand receivers and batteries (Powercap® Compatible). Not only are our replacement parts compatible with your existing Invisible Fence system, but they are loaded with Pet Stop® features that are not available elsewhere!

Yard Re-Design & Boundary Moving
Your yard is constantly evolving and Pet Stop® can ensure your pet containment system is too. If you find you need to re-configure your pet fence to protect a garden, add a pool or re-landscape, allow us to help. The cost of most yard re-designs is not as much as you may think. Most estimates can quickly be provided over the phone, and for bigger jobs we can send out one of our friendly professional technicians to give you a free on-site estimate.


Bonnie Doan
When we moved to our new home, our fencing options were limited. We knew we’d have to have some sort of enclosure to stop both our German Shepherd and Goldendoodle from leaving the yard, however I was hesitant to use an invisible fence as the dogs both have strong prey drives. Also, they were used to seeing the neighbours (who are also family) and would always run up to them to greet them when they were in their backyards. With both dogs being close to hundred pounds, visits to the neighbours were not always welcome. The new yard and street are lined with several mature trees, bringing bountiful amounts of running squirrels, a definite favourite chase.

We decided to give Pet Stop a try. We were very pleased with the installation and friendly service. We received lots of information on how to properly train the dogs to the system, and my endless questions about the system were answered and explained in detail. The amount of support we received afterwards was also fantastic.

It didn’t take long and the dogs were fully trained. We’ve had the Pet Stop system for almost a year now and it hasn’t failed us once. Our dogs went from being very bored strictly indoor dogs to very happy indoor/outdoor dogs. We absolutely love the system and believe it was the right choice for us. Thanks Pet Stop!

Lori, Mark, Chloe, and “Marble”
Mike, We wish to extend our thanks and appreciation for your outstanding customer service!! We really appreciate your quick response to our “distress call” when the wire was cut as a result of drainage work being done on our property. Not only are we appreciative of your quick response but also of your willingness to respond to a service call in the evening and work at repairing the line under the glow of a flashlight………that’s customer service!! Thanks again.

We exclusively provide Pet Stop® containment systems because we believe in providing our customers with only the very best. The seamless integration of the most advanced products with the most effective GentleSteps™ training method will keep your pet safely contained for many years to come.

The Pet Stop® team is made up of true professionals. Our President, John Purtell, is the original founder of Invisible Fence® and has the most experience in the industry. After teaming up with our Chief Engineer, Scott Touchton, who has more pet containment patents than all other industry engineers combined, Pet Stop® has become the leading provider of the most advanced and effective invisible dog fence. We design the innovative solutions that our competitors try to imitate. And all of our products are 100% Made In The USA. Dog Fence Ontario guarantees your Pet Stop® system will work and your pet will remain happy!